The good news is there are more workplace retirement plan options available today than at any previous time in history, and the cost of operating a business retirement plan has declined while the array of services and features has continued to increase.

However, the variety of plan options and services can be overwhelming. This site is dedicated to helping you sort through your options and secure retirement for yourself and your employees.

Simple IRA

Another IRA-Based alternative is called a SIMPLE IRA plan (SIMPLE stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees).  Perhaps the best way to describe the SIMPLE IRA plan is as the little brother of the more robust (but more costly) 401(k) plan.  Much like the traditional 401(k) plan, the SIMPLE IRA Plan allows for both employer contributions as well as employee salary deferral contributions. Unfortunately, the salary deferral limit for SIMPLE IRA Plans is lower than the salary deferral limit for 401(k) plans (as is the overall, aggregate plan contribution limit).



Con los desafíos para la jubilación y, seamos sinceros, la complejidad de los planes disponibles que hacen que ofrecer planes de jubilación sea una tarea ardua, ¿por qué el propietario de una pequeña empresa querría proporcionar beneficios de jubilación? Analicemos el problema, comenzando con los motivos por los cuales los propietarios de pequeñas empresas actualmente no ofrecen planes.

Why Offer a Retirement Plan?

With the complexity of the plans out there that making offering retirement plans a chore, why would a small business owner want to provide retirement benefits? Let's study the issue, starting with the reasons small business owners say that they don't currently offer plans.

Time and money are precious resources for small business owners, so it’s understandable why wading into the world of retirement planning might seem daunting. Some reasons why small business owners don’t offer a plan:

Let’s debunk these one by one:

1. Too costly to administer

Getting Started

With so many retirement options available to your business, where should you get started? What product is best for you? Use our guide and resources to help you navigate your options and pick a plan that works best for you or your business.

Preguntas Que Hacer

Los planes que se abordan en este sitio web están disponibles a través de una amplia variedad de proveedores, incluidos bancos, casas de bolsa, compañías de seguros y compañías de fondos mutuos.  Si bien es posible establecer un plan directamente con el proveedor, a menudo se encontrará trabajando con un asesor o agente para ayudarlo a explorar sus opciones.

A medida que se reúna con posibles proveedores, es importante comprender qué tipos de servicios se ofrecen y cómo se compensa al proveedor.

Questions to Ask

The plans discussed on this website are available through a wide variety of providers including banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and mutual fund companies. While it’s possible to establish a plan directly with the provider, you often will find yourself working with an advisor or agent to help explore your options.

As you meet with prospective providers, it’s important to understand what types of services are offered and how the provider is compensated. 

Here is a checklist of questions you should ask:

Small business owners: Ask yourself these 5 essential financial planning questions to ensure you're on the right track

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If you’re a business owner, money matters are often top of mind. Is my company bringing in enough revenue? Will I have enough saved up for retirement? How much will I owe in taxes this year?

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